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Lista YTL:n vastuukomiteoiden julkaisemia SFS- ja ISO-standardeja.

Terveydenhuolto2023 – tammikuu – maaliskuu
SFS-EN ISO 81060-3:2023:en Non-invasive sphygmomanometers. Part 3: Clinical investigation of continuous automated measurement type (ISO 81060-3:2022)
SFS-EN ISO 10943:2023:enOphthalmic instruments. Indirect ophthalmoscopes (ISO 10943:2023)Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 10943:en:2011
ISO 21649:2023 Needle-free injection systems for medical use — Requirements and test methods
IEC 80601-2-59:2017/Amd 1:2023 Medical electrical equipment — Part 2-59: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of screening thermographs for human febrile temperature screening — Amendment 1
ISO 5361:2023 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment — Tracheal tubes and connectors
ISO/TR 24484:2023 Female condoms — Use of ISO 25841 and the quality management of female condoms
ISO 10943:2023 Ophthalmic instruments — Indirect ophthalmoscopes
ISO 15854:2023 Dentistry — Casting and baseplate waxes
SFS-EN ISO 5361:2023:en Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment. Tracheal tubes and connectors (ISO 5361:2023) Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 5361:2016:en:2016
SFS-EN ISO 10993-10:2023:en Biological evaluation of medical devices. Part 10: Tests for skin sensitization (ISO 10993-10:2021) Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 10993-10:en:2013
SFS-EN ISO 21649:2023:en Needle-free injection systems for medical use. Requirements and test methods (ISO 21649:2023) Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 21649:en:2010
SFS-EN ISO 3630-2:2023:en Dentistry. Endodontic instruments. Part 2: Enlargers (ISO 3630-2:2023) Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 3630-2:en:2013
SFS-EN ISO 8536-2:2023:en Infusion equipment for medical use. Part 2: Closures for infusion bottles (ISO 8536-2:2023) Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 8536-2:en:2010
ISO/TS 13126:2023 Traditional Chinese medicine — Determination of ochratoxin A in natural products by liquid chromatography coupled with fluorescence detector
ISO/TR 20896-2:2023 Dentistry — Digital impression devices — Part 2: Methods for assessing accuracy for implanted devices
ISO/TR 16153:2023 Determination of uncertainty for volume measurements of a piston-operated volumetric apparatus using a photometric method
ISO/TR 20461:2023 Determination of uncertainty for volume measurements of a piston-operated volumetric apparatus using a gravimetric method
ISO 23906-2:2023 Cigarettes — Determination of benzo[a]pyrene in cigarette mainstream smoke with an intense smoking regime using GC/MS — Part 2: Method using cyclohexane as extraction solvent
ISO/TR 10993-55:2023 Biological evaluation of medical devices — Part 55: Interlaboratory study on cytotoxicity
ISO 10394:2023 Dentistry — Designation system for supernumerary teeth
ISO 3630-2:2023 Dentistry — Endodontic instruments — Part 2: Enlargers
SFS-EN ISO 8536-15:2022/A1:2023:en Infusion equipment for medical use. Part 15: Light-protective infusion sets for single use. Amendment 1 (ISO 8536-15:2022/Amd 1:2023)
SFS-EN ISO 11608-5:2023:en Needle-based injection systems for medical use. Requirements and test methods. Part 5: Automated functions (ISO 11608-5:2022) Korvaa: SFS-EN ISO 11608-5:en:2013
ISO 10651-4:2023 Lung ventilators — Part 4: Particular requirements for user-powered resuscitators
ISO 3826-1:2019/Amd 1:2023 Plastics collapsible containers for human blood and blood components — Part 1: Conventional containers — Amendment 1
ISO 23401-1:2023 Dentistry — Chairside denture base relining materials — Part 1: Hard type materials
ISO 8325:2023 Dentistry — Test methods for rotary instruments
ISO 8536-15:2022/Amd 1:2023 Infusion equipment for medical use — Part 15: Light-protective infusion sets for single use — Amendment 1